Training Resources in finding Health Information on the Internet

HINARI Training Resources

A) HINARI modules: on HINARI and Health on the Internet

B) HINARI “Train the Trainers” CE Course

Lenny Rhine

Coordinator, E-Library Training Initiative

Librarians Without Borders

Medical Library Association, Chicago, USA


12th EAHIL Conference, 14-18 June, Lisbon, Portugal

On 15 June, a HINARI “Train the Trainers” one day CE Course was conducted at the EAHIL Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. It was geared toward individuals from industrialized countries whose institutions have links with HINARI eligible organizations. The goal of this course was to give the participants the knowledge needed to teach the basics of HINARI. These individuals will be able to train visitors or post-graduate students from HINARI eligible institutions, conduct workshops at their partner organizations or make presentations to interested groups at their institution.

The course material included an overview of HINARI and its environment, the basics of the Short Course, funding options, a brief summary of Internet-based health information and an overview of the training material.

BabelMeSH was reviewed as this was of interest to and potentially of use for almost all the participants. Gaby Caro, HINARI/Geneva, was the co-trainer. The course was dedicated to Vimbai Chimadze who had died in a car accident two weeks ago. He was the principal HINARI trainer for ITOCA (Information and Training Centre in Africa) and his training ability, energy and enthusiasm will be difficult to replace.

Flatiel Vilanculos, the WHO Country Officer, Mozambique periodically conducts HINARI training and was able to discuss the environment in the eligible countries. Flatiel did note that an undersea cable has reached Mozambique and increased the bandwidth for the country.

INASP Internet Training Activities and Materials

This site contains annotated links to numerous INASP workshops and training materials on electronic information access in developing countries. Several links are specific to health information while others deal with issues that are relevant to the developing country environment ranging from bandwidth optimization to PC trouble shooting and web page design.

Electronic Information Resources for Health Researchers and Professionals (INFORM)

This site contains materials from a health information training workshop held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, July 2005. It includes educational material on literature searches, formulating searches, finding references to journal articles, accessing fulltext articles, and finding and evaluating WWW sites. These documents have been produced by INFORM, an international collaborative network based in the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden.