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Essential Health Links is organized into three sections:

A.General Health Resources
B.Library and Publishing Support
C.Specific Health Resources

Health Sciences Online (HSO), includes courses

Search and browse any health sciences topic from over 50,000 courses, references, guidelines, and other learning resources

HSO launches in September 2008 as a virtual learning center with browse and search functions. HSO provides free, online linkages to a comprehensive collection of top-quality courses and references in medicine, public health, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, basic sciences, and other health sciences disciplines. These materials are donated, hosted, and maintained by our distinguished content partners, so quality is maintained, and materials can be constantly updated. HSO is a sieve that includes world-class materials (currently numbering >50,000 resources), hand-selected by clinicians and other experts from already-existing reliable sources and resource collections. This includes medical specialty societies, accredited continuing education organizations, governments, and top-ranked universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Penn, and UCSF.

Founding collaborators for this site include CDC, World Bank, the American College of Preventive Medicine, and the University of British Columbia. HSO is non-profit; funding has been obtained from the Canadian and British Columbian governments, the World Health Organization, NATO’s Science for Peace Program, the Annenberg Physician Training Program, the Ulrich and Ruth Frank Foundation for International Health, and other generous and committed individuals. Health providers and scientists, in training and in practice, have donated thousands of hours, identifying and making materials accessible for HSO users.


Pan American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation (PAHO/ WHO) - Virtual Health Library

PAHO and its collaborative partners including the University of Guyana Library are involved in the development of the Virtual Health Library, VHL, using appropriate technology to enhance access to health information in Guyana. The VHL is intended to provide high quality and reliable health information in a cost-effective way in an attempt to bridge geographic or electronic barriers.

Partnerships in Health Information - Health Information Resources

Free Books4Doctors

Over the next years, many textbooks will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice.

Anatomy Atlas

WHO Reproductive Health Library