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Global Student Networks

In 2011, PaLM worked with the Tropical Health Education Trust and the Centre for Global Health, Kings College London to provide placements for 5 student volunteers in  Mtwara as part of the new  UK International Citizens Service

Iain McHenry, Vita Sinclair, Rute Chisanga, Faaria Hussain and Shirwa Ali spent 12 weeks in Mtwara from June to September as guests of the COTC.

They worked on a number of PaLM projects and crucially contributed to developing the social networks that underpin an evolving virtual community..

A key resource here is Medicine Africa, supported in the UK by Stephanie Ko (UCL),  Aliki Traianou (Cardiff University) and a group of UK based students convened by the Student BMJ, and in Mtwara by Student Education Rep, William Otuck and others.

Medicine Africa is a web based interface allowing students in different locations to come together for case based teaching and learning - both peer to peer and facilitated by specialists.


1.  Medicine Africa

2. Support for the nascent Mtwara Sexual Health Network - an online network for local sexual health NGOs to enable improved communication and information sharing.

3. Survey of access to sexual health services by young people at clinics as part of joined up working around SRE and linking schools to clinics.

4. Baseline survey of training needs among students at COTC Mtwara, as basis for developing online and computer based resources for teaching and self study.

5. IT inventory at COTC Mtwara in order to inform future improvements in IT resources. 

6. Co-production with COTC IT staff of a new COTC/ZHRC website, and support for students blogs and online networking.

7. Scoping visit to CATC Masasi
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26 Mar 2012, 07:39