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Partners - Ngome

Elimu na Huduma ya Afya kwa Jamii - Mtwara (NGOME)

NGOME is a community-based health education NGO, established in 2006.

Goals; mission statement:

NGOME promotes good health practices in the region and town of Mtwara through raising awareness and providing professional health consultancy, support and care, encouraging local volunteering and initiating income-generating community projects. The strength of NGOME is to co-operate with all stakeholders of the region to bring about a healthy self-reliant and sustainable community that is able to proactively fight against poverty and diseases like HIV.AIDS.

How NGOME achieve these goals:

The entire team is a group of volunteers, with 3 of them being trained volunteers in sexual health.  After their normal work, they head out to 3 local schools, host a drop-in centre, head out to patients’ homes etc where the following takes place:

Raising awareness about reproductive health, diseases like HIV/AIDS and advocate for appropriate health decision-making in the community.

Providing quality health consultancy, care and support for those in need.

Encouraging self-reliance, independence through entrepreneurship, traditional art performances and income-generating programmes in the community.

Current projects:

Community awareness and sensitisation on HIV/AIDS, malaria and burden of diseases through  cultural and community events. (NGOME Cultural Theatre – NCT)

Provision of community home-based care (NGOME HBC)

Mpapura entrepreneurship project. They sell scultptures and carvings too in their Mtwara office

Community-based reproductive health and life skills education.

Staff names/roles:


Mohamed Nkanyama.


Phone: +255 (0) 784608375                   

General Secretary:

Deogratius Makoti


Phone: +255 (0) 714113952 / 782956772


Juma Mbulu


Phone: +255 (0) 653887340 / 688346510

Commitee Members:

Stephano Mbalale/ Wada / Flora Madwfa / Nelson Kimuwoga / Husna Dadi

Contact details:


PO Box 968 Mtwara

Boma Street (Mtwadeco), Room no CH/5.

Opening Hours:

8am -3.30pm. Monday-Friday. Sat and Sun occasionally.


NGOME are eager to recruit more volunteers, funding to continue expanding their projects and work, people to drop in to their centre and to buy their sculptures too.