Clinical Officers Training College and Zonal Health Resource Centre (COTC/ZHRC), Mtwara

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Elimu na Huduma ya Afya kwa Jamii - Mtwara (NGOME)

NGOME is a community-based health education NGO, established in 2006.

Goals; mission statement:

NGOME promotes good health practices in the region and town of Mtwara through raising awareness and providing professional health consultancy, support and care, encouraging local volunteering and initiating income-generating community projects. The strength of NGOME is to co-operate with all stakeholders of the region to bring about a healthy self-reliant and sustainable community that is able to proactively fight against poverty and diseases like HIV.AIDS.

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PASHA stands for Prevention and Awareness in Schools against HIV and AIDS.

It started with the aim of educating students on how to prevent HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy in primary and secondary schools in the Mtwara region.  It began in primary schools in Mtwara in 2006 and was later introduced into secondary schools.


VSO Tanzania


Department of Education, Mtwara Municipal

Contact: Joyce Mlapone


BMJ4Life, BMJ Group's charity initiative launched in February 2010 and has been going from strength to strength. It gives BMJ Group staff the opportunity to get involved with charity in a work capacity. The five members of the BMJ4ife team have recruited numerous champions and volunteers from each department to help them with fundraising and volunteering events