Partnerships London Mtwara is a small NGO dedicated to developing innovative collaborations between North and South based partner organisations

PaLM works between London, UK and Mtwara, Southern Tanzania on sexual and reproductive health and education. It links the Global Health Unit at King's College, London with the Clinical Officer Training College and Zonal Health Resource Centre (COTC / ZHRC)  Mtwara.

During the 2016/17 academic year the COTC club delivered sex and relationship education to 9 Mtwara organisations (Utumishi College, Mtwara Tech Secondary School; Naliendele Agriculture College; Kiwohede Caring Centre; King David Secondary School; VETA; TIA College; Ziwani Secondary and Mtwara Girls Secondary).  Through this work they reached approximately 1500 young people. 

In 2017/18 the COTC club is continuing and amplifying this work through the development of the Tuongee UZAZI WA Mpango Facebook page and by working closely with the two local teacher training colleges.  We hope to present this work at the fifth International Conference on Family Planning to be held in November in Kigali, Rwanda. Check out the new Facebook page here: (www.facebook.com/maswalinamajibuyauzaziwampango/)

PaLM is a North - South partnership working to co-produce services, educational settings and community based development options.

We bring North based health professionals together with colleagues in the global South to share learning and catalyze collaboration.

PaLM envisions the health professional of the emerging future: working wherever they may be, linked to global networks that support their ongoing professional development, their clinical practice and their global health advocacy..

"PaLM is a link, not [just] a project.."          .. Read more ..

Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam - Graduate Network - Working Group

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PaLM News

• MAR 2018: PaLM was recently shortlisted as part of an Openideo call for solutions to the problem of providing sex and relationships education for young people.  Read more..

FEB 2018:  This year’s club chairman, Olson (left) and last year’s club chairman, Innocent (right) on a sexual health outreach visit to a teacher training college in Mtwara.

2017: Dr Michael Brady and Dr Paula Baraitser delivered the annual training programme for Year 3 students.

Experienced club members teach new volunteers how to deliver sex and relationship education in schools.

FEB 2016: COTC Club members teaching sexual health to students at Chuno Secondary School, Mtwara.

• NOV 2015: Paula Baraitser and Michael Brady delivered the PaLM sexual health course to 80 year 3 COTC students.  This year we focused on clinical teaching and practical skills, using models to provide clinical training for important sexual health skills such as pelvic examination.

• NOV to DEC 2014: a group from PaLM visited Mtwara to teach Sexual Health COTC Year 2 Students, deliver an intensive short course in Research Methods to visiting researchers, and develop the Graduate Network. See updates on the

• BMJ4Life books arrive at COTC library

• In NOV - DEC 2011, a PaLM team visited Mtwara with support from THET / The British Council to work with COTC's IT staff on the COTC computer system and to teach the annual PaLM Short Course.. Trip Report

• This followed a visit by 5 UK based students under the auspices of the  UK International Citizens Service for 12 weeks in June to September..                  more

• Together these initiatives led to the setup of the PaLM Student Club, an exciting new approach to Sexual and Public Health Outreach delivered and run by COTC students .. with a new blog here

• We have seen increasingly close collaboration around evolving IT projects.. COTC/ZHRC IT Report

• And the emergence of remarkable international student networks joining up the health workers of the immediate future..

• PaLM has been engaged in these developments with the help of new and ongoing supporters, new people on the board, and an expanding network of contributors in the UK and TZ ..


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